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Think Healthy

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Salute e benessere Medicina
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Based on concepts of cognitive therapy, decision making and quality of life, the technique Think healthy and feel the difference was developed by Lia Kunzler, MD. It uses the analogy with the figures of gray and green avocados. The techniques goal is to transform unhealthy thoughts, emotions and behaviors in healthy thoughts, emotions and behaviors, thus improving ones quality of life.

The technique can be applied with a very didactic manner. First you need to identify the problem or emotion unbalanced. From there it should be to create an "avocado" following the filing guidelines.

The "Examples" serve as inspiration. You can edit or save them as "my avocados". There are several examples: depression, anger, guilt, insomnia, indecision and many others.

In "Feel Better" you will make two separate lists, one for the self-esteem (personal qualities) and one for the self-confidence (progress and achievements). By valuing your progress and healthy behaviors, the improvement becomes natural.

"Coping Cards" are true and positive affirmations to be used when you have to deal with negative and unhealthy emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

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